Practice Areas


Regulatory & Licensing

T&H represents a variety of international and domestic Fintech companies at varying stages of growth. Our clients, including some of the most cutting-edge and tech-savvy online lenders around, know they can rely on T&H as the Fintech industry faces more and more regulatory scrutiny. We help Fintech companies navigate the escalating regulatory and compliance landscape in the alternative, online "marketplace" lending industry.  Our clients turn to us for assistance with licensing requirements, compliance with state and federal regulatory agencies and fair lending requirements. Our attorneys works with clients to build robust internal compliance management systems to compete in today's competitive marketplace, to form strategic partnerships with banking institutions and attract new investment partners. 

Contracts & Vendor Management

T&H assists clients with drafting customer agreements, drafting third-party vendor agreements, and negotiating with bank partners. In today’s regulatory environment, Fintech companies must have policies and procedures, process controls and audits for those controls in managing their internal processes and third-party vendor relationships. We assist clients in developing, implementing and managing third-party vendor management programs.

Revenue Management & Debt Collection

Because the online lending industry and its many venture capital investor partners seek to maximize their investment, T&H leverages its 40 years of experience in the collections industry to help clients build an efficient, effective and compliant back-end A/R management and recovery process. Our clients minimize defaults and maximize recoveries through the implementation and management of this robust recovery process that includes timely and strategic escalation to vetted third party collection partners. 

Legal Services

  1. Advise on State and Federal Regulatory Matters
  2. Advise on State and Federal Licensing Requirements
  3. Advise on Compliance Management Systems / Policies & Procedures
  4. Contract Drafting, Review & Negotiation
  5. Revenue Management & Debt Collection Consulting
  6. Debt Recovery Services
  7. Corporate Formation & Foreign Registration
  8. Shareholder, operating & partnership agreements
  9. Venture Capital Agreements / Transactions
  10. Due Diligence Support / Legal Opinions