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  • Dog Bites: What you should do after an attack

    on March 27, 2014

    on March 27, 2014 by George Panagiotopoulos

    SFTH 05Being bitten by a dog or other animal can be traumatizing, especially if the victim is a small child. Obviously, your top priority is to get to a safe place away from the animal. The next steps you should take include:

    • Seek medical attention. Many dog bite victims do not take the injury as seriously as they should. However, even a small wound requires medical attention because a bite can easily become infected if not properly treated.
    • Notify the dog’s owner. It is common for people to be reluctant to notify the owner of the dog about the attack, especially if it is a relative or friend. However, you need to ask whether the dog is current on its vaccinations. It is also essential that the owner knows about the dog’s behavior in order to prevent future bites. Lastly, the dog owner may want to submit a claim to their homeowner’s insurance carrier to pay your damages resulting from the attack.
    • Contact the authorities. You should contact your local animal services to report the dog bite, so they are aware of the dog’s behavior.
    • Collect and preserve evidence. It may be difficult, but it is important to ensure that evidence of the attack is preserved. This includes taking pictures of the victim’s injuries, pictures of the dog, keep clothing worn during the attack, and obtain statements of witnesses to the attack.
    • Contact us. Let us help you pursue your rights to recover for your medical bills and other damages.

    Animal attacks can be life-altering because they impact you physically, emotionally and financially. Don’t face a dog bite incident alone; call Slater, Tenaglia, Fritz & Hunt for help.

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