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  • Using Accident Reconstruction Experts

    on June 25, 2014

    on June 25, 2014 by Gene M. Lerner

    Gene's picSometimes it can be helpful if you and your attorney retain an accident reconstructionist to help identify the liable parties, the potential causes of injuries, and the forces involved.  Our expert attorneys are very familiar with accident reconstruction and can help you and your expert develop persuasive evidence to support your case.

    Virtually every accident reconstruction expert uses speed as a basis of their opinions.  Once the speeds of the cars has been determined, the expert can create a time and position analysis which can show where the vehicles were at any point prior to the collision and after the collision.  To determine the speed, experts often consult the testimony of the parties and witnesses, review the damage on the vehicles, or even access the data on a car’s black box.

    Motor vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclist are all subject to the laws of physics.  The physical damage from a crash often provides a wealth of information about the speed and movement of cars.

    Another source of data for accident reconstruction experts involves the data collected from the crash scene by the parties and the police.  For example, skid marks are typically used to determine velocity and can give clues as to whether a driver reacted quickly enough. Scene measurements may not be taken by the Police unless the accident is severe.  However, photographs, videos, or other recording devices can be helpful in determining the speed of the vehicles at the time of impact.

    In some cases, however, no information concerning the final positions of the cars following the accident can be obtained.  Nevertheless, an accident reconstruction expert may still be able to render an opinion using other evidence.  In these situations, recorded statements, deposition testimony, and guestimates by witnesses provide the basis for the opinions.

    Other evidence that an accident reconstructionist can rely on include tire marks, damage to the pavement, spilled oil, gas, or other liquids, debris from the vehicles, and damage to light poles, buildings, or other stationary objects.

    Properly utilized, a car crash reconstructionist can help prove your case.  They are able to solve problems for the attorney/client related to the credibility of the at-fault driver and the damages sustained by the injured driver.  Often we recommend an accident reconstructionist be hired early to permit the client to determine the relative strength of their case and the likelihood of settlement.

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