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  • Delivery Drones: Reality or Publicity Stunt?

    on January 13, 2014

    The popular shopping website, Amazon, recently announced they intend to use robotic drones to make their deliveries. However, according to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, obtaining permission from the Federal Aviation Administration may be the biggest obstacle. Bezos optimistically predicts the drones could be in use by 2018, but a thorough examination of the issues reveals that the FAA is not the only obstacle Amazon faces in using the drones. For example:

    • How do you prevent packages from being stolen from the drones?
    • How do you prevent people from shooting or otherwise incapacitating the drones?
    • What happens when drones malfunction and cause injuries or property damage?
    • Are customers responsible for returning the drones to Amazon?
    • What about the privacy concerns associated with the use of drones?

    The possibility of lawsuits associated with the use of unmanned drones is overwhelming. The question of insurance coverage for the use of drones is a whole new field and the risk level is unknown.

    Are flying drones a real possibility for the future? Or, was this simply a publicity stunt to over-shadow Amazon’s recent negative publicity for its negative working conditions? Only time will tell, but even if the FAA approved Amazon’s use of flying drones tomorrow, there are still many questions that must be answered before we will see the delivery robots flying to our houses. Regardless, with technology constantly advancing and society’s need for instant gratification, the idea is interesting.

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