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  • Does Your Lawsuit Meet New York's Commercial Division Threshold?

    on March 12, 2014

    If you are considering filing a lawsuit in New York County’s Commercial Division, it’d better be for a disputed amount that is equal to or above $500,000! The new threshold increase set by the Office of Court Administration raised the minimum amount from $150,000 to $500,000 for all newly filed cases.

    Interestingly, the change in the amount was not released for public comment. Rather years of discussion among the bar and court officials resulted in the decision. The increase should not be a surprise to anyone, because the issue has been out there for some time.

    The goal of the increase is to lessen the caseload of the Commercial Division judges. The hope is that with a decrease in their workload, judges will have more time to spend on their cases. However, an unknown consequence of the change is the impact of shifting the cases that do not meet the new threshold to other surrounding counties.

    If you have a case that meets the new monetary threshold requirements, we can provide skilled representation in New York County’s Commercial Division. If your matter does not meet the monetary requirement, we can help you decide the most beneficial venue to file your case.

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