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  • Gene M. Lerner & Jim Hunt successfully negotiate a significant settlement for client against Starbucks in a "foreign object in food" case

    on May 25, 2016

    on May 25, 2016 by Tenaglia & Hunt, P.A.

    Gene M. Lerner and Jim Hunt successfully negotiated a settlement for a personal injury client who was injured while eating a sandwich at a Starbucks in Florida. Our client purchased a sandwich at a Starbucks store that contained a large piece of glass hidden in the sandwich. When our client bit down on the sandwich, the client’s tooth struck glass, which ultimately cracked a tooth, causing significant pain and subsequent medical treatment. The damage required dental surgery to remove the tooth, an emergency root canal, and subsequent surgery to install a dental implant, among other procedures. Our firm pursued claims against both Starbucks and the food supplier that supplied the sandwich. Mr. Lerner and Mr. Hunt aggressively sought and obtained a significant settlement for the client’s injuries both against Starbucks and the food supplier without the need for litigation.
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