John J. Tenaglia

Tenaglia & Hunt is nationally recognized for our debt collection practice. Our attorneys and experienced staff advise and represent the largest banks, insurance companies and private business in the country in all areas of debt collection. 

Banks, Lenders, Fortune 500 Corporations & Businesses Nationwide

We offer our creditor clients legal services from pre-litigation recovery, collection litigation and judgment domestication and enforcement to representation in bankruptcy and insolvency litigation matters. We are consistently rated among the top law firms in the country for speed and percentage of commercial monies recovered. 

Pre-Litigation Collection

The Firm’s pre-legal collection service combines a demand letter series with targeted collection calls from experienced attorneys and a team of trained non-attorney commercial collectors. The Firm’s pre-litigation service emphasizes dispute resolution. The Firm’s clients recognize a high percentage of recovery, without the time and expense associated with litigation.

 Collection Litigation

The Firm litigates collection cases in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.  Through the use of a proprietary collection process, the Firm’s attorneys and non-attorney professionals contact account debtor and their counsel at each stage of the litigation process in an attempt to recover the amount due and owing creditor clients. Each attorney in the Firm is an experienced litigation practitioner that receives extensive training in all areas of debt collection rules and regulations. 

Judgment Enforcement Services

Through advanced technology and a department dedicated to judgment enforcement, the Firm’s clients recognize a high percentage of debt recovery post-judgment. Effective and timely asset location provide the Firm with the ability to levy and liquidate judgment debtor assets to satisfy client judgments. The Firm’s partnership with outside investigators allows post-judgment recovery in cases, where judgment debtors attempt to evade creditors through the fraudulent transfer of assets.

Creditor’s Rights & Bankruptcy

Clients rely on our law Firm to preserve their right to payment and represent their interests in Federal Bankruptcy Court. Our attorneys are experienced litigating bankruptcy court matters, such as adversary proceedings in Federal Bankruptcy court to ensure our clients’ right to secure payment of outstanding balances incurred, as a result of fraud or fraudulent activity.

Commercial Collection Services

  1.  Pre-Suit Collections
  2. Collection Litigation
  3. Judgment Domestication & Enforcement
  4. Asset Location
  5. Replevin & Receivership Actions
  6. Bankruptcy & Insolvency Litigation
  7. Proof of Claims
  8. Motions for Relief
  9. Adversary Proceedings

 “Professionalism and respect are the keys to our success in representing our creditors.” 

Practice Areas