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  • The Lost Profit Rule

    on February 17, 2014

    Lawsuits involving the claim of “lost profits” as damages can present unique challenges, especially if your business cannot identify specific transactions or deals that were lost due to the defendant’s wrongful conduct. Some states have strict guidelines governing the ability to claim lost profits.

    New Business Rule

    New Jersey follows the “new business rule,” which prohibits a newly established business from seeking lost profits. The reasoning behind the new business rule is that lost profits cannot be determined with a reasonable degree of certainty because there is not an established history of revenue and profits. The short existence of the entity makes a determination of lost profits too speculative. You may be wondering what constitutes a “new business?” The answer is decided upon a case-by-case analysis of the individual factual circumstances involved.

    Reasonable Certainty Standard

    In most states, lost profits are considered to be speculative, but they can be recovered if they are proven with “reasonable certainty.” In New York, lost profits do not have to be shown with mathematical precision, but they may be recovered only when they are “capable of measurement based upon known reliable factors without undue speculation.” See Schonfeld v. Hillard. Thus, New York courts apply a heightened standard for new businesses to prove lost profits because there is no track record to use to establish reasonable certainty.

    Jurisdiction is Important

    If you have the ability to file a lawsuit in several different jurisdictions, it is always important to confer with an experienced business law attorney to determine which jurisdiction will be most beneficial to you. This is especially true if you have a new business that intends to claim lost profits as part of the damages suffered.

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